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Gabby was our Family Day Carer for many years.

Gabby came into our lives as my daughters Family Day Carer sixteen years ago. Due to the attentive care she provided in her own home, with her children's support, it wasn't long before our families intertwined.

As my daughter grew and care was no longer needed, our bond transcended into a long-term friendship. This is very easy to do with Gabby as she is insightful, intelligent and has a heartfelt ability to care.

The loss of Adam was ground zero for everyone who knew him. It was and remains every parent's nightmare.

I've witnessed the inability of those around Gabby and her daughter, Bri, to effectively support them. Many in their support networks have been able to endure the experience.
I've witnessed the devastation they have had to sort through and survive.

I've witnessed the creation of Adam Blue firsthand and the dedication Gabby has given to honouring Adam. The determination to get herself to a point that she can help those who will face the inevitable hole that is faced by grieving parents, by a culture which slams the door on what it can't cope with.

I have seen firsthand the need for Adam Blue through Gabby's loss of Adam and other people in our community, who have lost their child/children. I look forward to seeing Adam Blue doing what is needed to assist and accompany grieving parents.
~Tracey Smythe.


Experience breeds true empathy ,and Gabby is swimming in it...

It is heartbreaking to think that Gabby had to go through so much so that Adam Blue could be born. Experience breeds empathy ,and Gabby is swimming in it, (always has been), but it is her experience with the grief of being a bereaved parent that is sorely needed.

As a society we need to step up when it comes to talking about grief. Accepting it. Being open to it. Most importantly, we need to be there for people who are grieving the loss of a child and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. There is a need for a safe place for bereaved parents and I know Adam Blue will be this place. I know this because I have been a part of Gabby's journey after Adam's death.

I have learned from her experience and feel more confident knowing that I can talk more openly about death by allowing people the space, time and control over the things they want or need to talk about. I have practiced what I have learned from Gabby with others and I can see the effect it has on people-and on me.

Gabby knows from experience that bereaved parents need because she knows that grief is personal , so there could never be a one size fits all approach. Gabby has worked so hard and against the odds to see the creation of Adam Blue. She is soft but fierce, warm and intelligent and the perfect person to lead this truly wonderful organisation.

Simone Nance.