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Bereaved Parents Support Network. 

Adam Blue is committed to providing ongoing assistance and support to all bereaved parents. We aim to provide a judgement-free, safe and gentle space for everyone to land.

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Who is Adam Blue?

Adam Blue is an organisation which aims to assist and support bereaved parents. Adam Blue will provide bereaved parents practical, emotional, mental and physical ongoing assistance and support, for as long as it is required. We aim to create a safe and caring network, creating platforms and programs, which will connect families with each other and with specific resources they need. Over time, we aim to connect and collaborate with other organisations working in the grief sector, with the ideal of always learning and developing new skills and awareness.

Using such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Clubhouse, we aim to connect with bereaved parents. The sharing of lived in experiences will develop and nurture a culture of judgement-free belonging for everyone. Adam Blue plans to develop focus groups for bereaved parents and their families. Adam Blue will also provide advocacy for families, when and if it is needed, whilst educating support networks and the wider community about death, loss, grief and trauma.

Adam Blue’s default setting will always be kindness, empathy and compassion. We believe in practicing and maintaining cultural diversity at all times. We also believe in never assuming anything about anyone or their personal stories. Adam Blue endeavours to build a gentle community, which provides a safe and respectful place to land for all. Adam Blue will give everyone the opportunities to find their voices and to be heard, if and when they want to be.

How can Adam Blue help you, your family and support networks?


Adam Blue will provide support and assistance across many levels. We will provide links and resources for specific areas. We will connect you with other organisations and foundations, which in turn can provide you with access to their targeted resources also. We will help to connect you to other bereaved parents and families. We will always endeavour to provide the opportunities for all life stories to be shared. We will also provide opportunities for you to honour your child/children. 


We will provide access to compassionate and sensitive advocacy. We understand how hard it is to sometimes advocate for yourself, especially when totally consumed with grief and pain. Adam Blue will provide assistance with the every day chores, those that others can help with.

This will give bereaved parents precious and valuable time, space and the energy required to deal with the most important and the hardest of undertakings, the learning to live their lives without their much loved child.

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Adam Blue will help to educate and empower support networks. One of the most difficult problems is until any of us have been exposed to such pain and heartache, it is impossible to know what to do to help those that need the most help, the parents and their families.

Adam Blue aims to break down barriers, to start the hard and frequently uncomfortable conversations. We will provide support networks with clear and concise information, as to exactly what is needed.

Everything about losing your child is utterly devastating and heartbreaking.

The death of anyones child, regardless of age or the cause of death is absolutely catastrophic for all parents. It changes and affects all aspects of our lives. It is ground zero. It is as if our lives have been smashed into a million tiny pieces , turned into a nightmare jigsaw and then the pieces distributed across the globe. And society just expects us to pick up all of those pieces and somehow just resume our lives. It is heart wrenching, confusing and far from realistic.

Adam Blue is here to assist with the navigating the path that is child loss. We are here to help parents learn how to live with and carry their grief, as well as the multiple layers of trauma. It all sucks so badly, beyond comprehension and if you are here, reading right now, you already have an awareness that this is worse than anyone could ever imagine. 

Adam Blue's long term goal is to create a network for bereaved parents, a network which aims to be as personal and individual as each of you and your lived in experiences are. Adam Blue is an ongoing, every changing and fluid movement, one that is always flexible and human focused.

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Gabby was our Family Day Carer for many years.

Gabby came into our lives as my daughters Family Day Carer sixteen years ago. Due to the attentive care she provided in her own home, with her children's support, it wasn't long before our families intertwined.

As my daughter grew and care was no longer needed, our bond transcended into a long-term friendship. This is very easy to do with Gabby as she is insightful, intelligent and has a heartfelt ability to care.

The loss of Adam was ground zero for everyone who knew him. It was and remains every parent's nightmare.

I've witnessed the inability of those around Gabby and her daughter, Bri, to effectively support them. Many in their support networks have been able to endure the experience.
I've witnessed the devastation they have had to sort through and survive.

I've witnessed the creation of Adam Blue firsthand and the dedication Gabby has given to honouring Adam. The determination to get herself to a point that she can help those who will face the inevitable hole that is faced by grieving parents, by a culture which slams the door on what it can't cope with.

I have seen firsthand the need for Adam Blue through Gabby's loss of Adam and other people in our community, who have lost their child/children. I look forward to seeing Adam Blue doing what is needed to assist and accompany grieving parents.
~Tracey Smythe.

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Adam Blue Official considers it vital that we build and maintain a support network, for everyone who visits our site. That includes blog posts, all relevant articles, resources and the sharing of life experiences. We value your truth and the more we discuss the reality of child loss, the more we all alleviate the isolation that silence creates. Our children matter, what happened to them matters and what happened and continues to happen to our families matters.